Protecting your brand from New Age Propaganda!!!!

6 Aug

Its been awhile since I’ve sat down to write anything–its been a busy year but I have kept my media knowledge sharp with new perspectives and fresh ideas–I hope that you enjoy this message!

There is so much new age propaganda all over the place—what I mean by that is biased information that is not based on any facts at all, but information that is valued by others as creditable.  People value opinions in a very prolific way; and it is argued that most people don’t actually know what “real” news is anymore.  Consequently, people also value their own opinion which is why there are so many concerns with Facebook and privacy issues—yes your prospective employer is watching you!  Everyone is watching you!


These are the questions you should ask when assessing your brand:

How valuable is my brand? 

Who do I want to have access to that brand—who is my market? 

How does media—in many ways–define my brand identity?

How does media play a part in increasing brand awareness? 

What sets my Brand apart from any other? 

Who am I or what do I want to convey? 




The process of protecting a brand or organization is the art of Public relations—and it is an art!  The funny thing is many of us have become PR specialist.  A brand is like an avatar—you design, mold, and make it what you want it to be.  It can be a reflection of who you are or who you, or what you want it to be; it can be—and in many cases is—the medium used to transmit any and all information you want to the world because It is a direct representation of something of your own association.  Over time, a good brand can stand on its own—no extra dialogue, text, or word of mouth is needed for everyone to know what it is.  If your goal is to have the most read blog, the best small or large, local or international business, then you need to protect your brand and get your brand out to the world—but WE ALL KNOW THAT, WE JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT!

Media is defined as so many different things—one way to define it is the art or creative process by which the perceptions of others can be changed or altered. If we think of media with this description we immediately think of the word “propaganda” which we associate with print media and broadcast media but directly tie to political strategies.  Today, in addition to traditional ways of spreading propaganda it is also done digitally and on the internet using paid media strategies.

Propaganda is generally viewed as biased information that is used during political campaigns to target specific motives.  What I am referring to when I speak about “New Age Propaganda” is the current phenomenon of people creating their own media and having the ability to be biased or to be subject to the biased nature of the internet and what has become social media.  Why is this important?  It’s important because it’s easy to say, “We’re the best”, “I’m the best” etc. and be heard but it’s difficult to be scrutinized and have that scrutiny possibly ruin your reputation.  Google yourself, check your Facebook, and other social platforms but become in tuned with new technology and the internet, read the news and listen to what is going on around us.  Knowing fact from fiction and separating bias from truth will enable you to brand YOU—and be creditable in the process!



27 Jul

Mystic Politics

(Comic) Print is Dead- because literacy and the need for contemplation are obsolete and oh so fucking 20th century. (mr. fish)

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27 Jul

Whats the reall Deal with the Colorado Massacre

24 Jul

Hey everyone!  Today has been a trying day for this Media Maven…hope all is well with all of you and that you are having a pleasant day.  Its very important to find ways to break away from various life situations and i am hoping that this blog will be an outlet for me and that I am able to offer some very very useful content to you about media, public relations, and everything related!

I know we have all heard the horrifying stories of the theater massacre in Colorado; it is a really huge media frenzy–and for good reason!  Its a very big story that naturally plays on our emotions and causes us to take a closer look at what we hold dear as we look at many of the survivors who lost love ones that day.  Taking a look at the many articles that are online and news specials that are flooding the news, you see that story gets the maximum coverage.  Have you every stopped to ask yourself why?  Here are a few questions you could ask:

Once you’ve heard the story and seen the faces of the victims, is it really necessary to see it again?  Once we find that their is evidence that the person in question has been captured, do we really need to know their life story or how long do we need to hear about it?  How do television stations continue to make this story fresh and once this story is old, what will become of it?  WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON?

This story is a story that had to break.   It’s important for everyone to know what happened that day because we all need to become more aware of our surrounding and pay closer attention to those people who may reach out for our help and attention.  However, its just as important to understand how messages are transmitted to an audience and for what purpose.  This is why public relations is so important.  If you really take the time to ask important questions that get down to the bear bones of a story you may learn more about the power of public relations and be able to look at every story broadly in order to narrow down on most pressing facts.

23 Jul

New Media Musings!

Whenever anything happens 3.2 billion times per day, you have to wonder whether its recurrence diminishes its significance.
Specifically, I’m talking about Facebook’s inescapable LIKE button (perhaps you’ve heard of it). The average Facebook user clicks ‘like’ 3.5 times every day — anything from friends’ wedding photos to slapstick status updates to videos of innocent childhood relics getting blown apart by explosives. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. It’s everywhere.
The ‘like’ button has become so ubiquitous on the web and has spread so rapidly across almost every online experience that trying to explain its purpose or its power or its potentialities is sort of like explaining to your grandmother why the Kardashians have their own television show. It’s just the way things are, the reasoning goes. And when it comes to applying this indeterminate behavior to branded communications, the conversation usually stalls similarly.
Marketers measure their social media success based…

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YOU make media it Doesn’t make You!!

20 Jul

     Normally when I begin to write something i take time to brainstorm the intro and figure out the best ways to engage my audiance–but today is a different day.  I realize that perfection is not everything and is only a small part of life as everything can’t be perfect all the time–which, doesn’t matter anyway, because I make Media it DOESN’T make me.  I make it, I move it, I tranform and transmit it!  It is my message and my main concern is that the  message is worth reading. 

     Is your message worth the time your audiance has to read it.  Is is good content that engages the reader and keeps them coming back–or is it that facebook sh**.  Content thats only good for your niche market but keeps facebook making cash, content that causes chaos or problems for yourself or others.  We are living in a time where your content is very closely related to who you are.  It may not be fair but be careful.  Aim to change the circumstances of whats not fair and make it fair for you.  Use every possible tactic to make the impression you seek to make and leave your media imprint on it–create a legacy.

    Yes, legacy.  If you are a public realtions writer use twitter for practice.  Can you sum up an entire story in 140 characters?  Lettmetellyou i’m taking my own advice and am going to start tweeting more because now i Know what i want to talk about and I know i can create great content.

     Lastly, I want to talk a little about image.   I don’t know about you but i am a person who believes they have a great deal of potential but may sometimes wonders if people see what I see in me.  It’s so easy to look at several types of media and see a big picture that says “this is the good life”, “this is it”, while feeling that you have not had all the possibilities and have not seen that picture in your everyday life. 

     Some people become comfortable with their life, some find solace in what matters most and see success in it and there are those who don’t feel that they have accomplished enough.  The key is to not let image make you, don’t let the images we see in media dictate what you should have or who you are.  Life is Life and it can be good for everyone, it depends on your decisions.  What you see on television is acheivable.  Challenge your thinking about what is and what isn’t –you may find that the media you create is the media people dream about; something that’s inspiring and makes bothyou smile and your audiance happy and/or learn something different etc.

     DON”T let media make you, create a bigger, broader image of life.

Embrace the Future of Media

18 Jul


What we can expect for the future is a new way to do and see every single thing in our life.  We can expect to see a difference in the way we socialize and communicate with others and we can expect to see a new standard in business.  20 years from now everything we think is cool will be retro and completely played out, anyone who was doing business 20 years ago will be out of touch and retired and we will be embarking on a new wave of evolution where we can look back on the past and see how the change occurred and predict what may be to come.  Business will be business; a company’s number one focus is people and sales and that concept will not change but how we reach people will change and what we sell will change slightly.

There will always be a demand for music, for news, and for public relations, marketing, and media mavens because as we deliver more and more information there will be a greater need to protect it and to protect the public sphere.  Technically the future is now; no one 50 to 100 years ago could have ever imagined a world like ours.  Our world is almost something out of movie but what’s funny is every generation believes that are seeing the greatest leap in technology.  The thing that makes the people of this age stand out is that we know it can get better and we realize—some of us—that the effect of technology could cause a spiraling shift in society. 

The goal of a media company is to provide some since of entertainment or some content that interest people and this will not change.  Media companies will be here and they will provide consumers with whatever it is they think consumers need or want.  I am confident that the struggles that media companies are having right now—i.e. music companies—will not be issues in the future.  As they restructure their business models and find out more about their market they will thrive.